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Ultra Violet  Light Sterilization

Some studies suggests that in 30 minutes we can touch up to 300 surfaces!!!!

We touch our faces, we touch our hands, we touch table tops, we touch handles, we touch desk, we touch tools and equipment and than we touch food.

Basically in our everyday lives we touch almost everything.

We expose ourselves to many viruses and bacteria that can cause illness and poor health.

But Here at SaniClean llc we use a UV surface sterilizer giving you a solution so that you can stay in touch with your world.

So whether you need to decontaminate surfaces that come into contact with food or whether you work in the medical industry and you need sanitized medical equipment or rooms we can accomplish those jobs  for you. 

We use the GermAwayUV Xtreme 95 Watt Handheld UVC Surface Sterilizer this is one of the most powerful UV-C handheld devices available in the US. 

This unit destroys 99.9% of harmful bacteria, viruses, mold spores, yeasts, fungi, C. diff, and odors. It’s so powerful that typical molds are effectively treated in half of the time.

This unit is designed for disinfecting large coverage areas.

This handheld sterilizer offers a great solution with a powerful effect.

We’re especially proud that this unit is made right here in the USA, and with these features and benefits listed above we’re confident that it will add value to sterilizing your business or home!

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